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The CopperSun is not like any other solar system ever built. It's the only solar appliance with a patented roof-integrated design. Once in place, the CopperSun looks just like an elegant skylight, less conspicuous than a fireplace, or small satellite dish.

This state-of-the-art appliance has been approved by leading homebuilders because the assisted solar water heater乐华娱乐网网页 can be installed on just about any home in the finest home communities. There's no compromise to the architectural design of the home or to the aesthetics of the neighborhood. No more unsightly roof racks, exposed hardware and plumbing to mar roof lines!

"Hard to believe, but a new home contributes about 30 tons of pollution every year, more pollution than a new automobile."乐华娱乐网地址网址




The main components of the ARCHITECTURAL SERIES
Drainback System are a water storage tank, a smaller tank that
stores heat-transfer fluid (usually water), a solar panel collector
that captures heat from the Sun, and a heat transfer system that
transfers heat to the water tank.


  • Multiple sizes to accommodate all installation requirements.
  • Exclusive design fusion bonded to waterways on automated machinery for maximum quality control. Black Chrome surface available for superior heat transfer.
  • High performance coating with good durability for all applications.
  • All copper to conduct heat and resist corrosion. Brazed assemblies are pressure tested to 150 psi.
  • Exclusive ARCHITECTURAL SERIES design provides seal and allows for easy absorber removal for service.
  • Durable high performance glazing, textured to reduce glare and tempered to resist thermal stress.
  • EPDM gasket withstands high stagnation temperatures. Welded at corners for continuous seal.
  • Insulated on back and sides for maximum heat retention. Blanket resists high stagnation temperatures.
  • Exclusive ARCHITECTURAL SERIES design provides high strength and low weight for easier handling.
  • Protects and enhances collector appearance. Maximum durability.
  • Strengthens frame, protects insulation and enhances appearance.


Integrated Solar, LLC乐华娱乐网安卓
23005 North 15 Avenue, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85027

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Avg. electric bill: $200 per month
multiply by 30% (x 0.30)

Amount to heat water: $60 monthly乐华娱乐网ios官网


Water heating cost: $60 per month
multiply by 80% (x 0.80)

Saving by solar: $48 monthly乐华娱乐网安卓


Monthly Savings: $48 per month
multiply by 12 months (x 12)

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $576 per year乐华娱乐网代理官网